Getting E-Juice on your Skin: The Truth and The Myths

In short, if you dropped any retail e-juice on your skin, your not in any danger for nicotine poisoning or any overdose related nicotine side effects. This is not because nicotine isn’t absorbed through the skin (it is, that’s why nicotine patches work for example). Rather, it has to do with three key factors:

  1. The maximum amount of nicotine in most e-juice,
  2. The nicotine skin absorption rate, and;
  3. How much nicotine it takes for you to get nicotine poisoning

E-juice nicotine content

When you buy e-juice from any reputable online e-juice store, the max strength nicotine you’ll find in the e-juice is 18 mg/mL. Even if you’re buying e-juice at a higher strength, like 36 mg per mL, there is simply just not enough nicotine in the liquid to provide any ill side effects if only splashed on your skin.

This leads to our next point.

Nicotine absorption rate on skin

Unlike nicotine patches, e-juice isn’t specially created to be absorbed through the skin. In fact, it is quite bad at it. For any nicotine to actually pierce through your skin and create any noticeable side effects, you would gave to take a bath in a tub for of e-liquid for 3-6 hours.

This is because it takes a very long time for any nicotine in e-juice to be absorbed through your skin, and due to limited amount of nicotine in e-juice.

The amount of nicotine it will take to get nicotine poisoning

According to experts, you would need to swallow anywhere from 60mg of nicotine to 1000mg of nicotine for a fatal dose of nicotine poisoning. That is a whole lot of nicotine to swallow! And notice how I said ingested, not absorbed. It would be nearly impossible to absorb that much nicotine through your skin, unless you were covered head to toe in nicotine patches for days and days on end.
Also, when it comes to ingesting nicotine through your mouth, your body has natural defense mechanisms to fight the poisoning. In essence, this means you’re going to puke and keep puking until most that nicotine is out of your body. It would also be very hard to take down in the first place. That’s why nicotine isn’t used as a poison by criminals.

However, this doesn’t mean nicotine poisoning isn’t possible. Here are some signs that you have nicotine poisoning:

nicotine poisoning - symptoms

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Cramps
  • Vomiting (as mentioned)
  • Rapid heartbeat and breathing
  • Muscular convulsions and short breath

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of those symptoms, call your nearest poison control center at (800) 222-1222, who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also call an ambulance as well.

The Verdict

If you got some e-juice on your skin, wipe it off thoroughly and you will be just fine.

Health Benefits Of Using Vape Pens

If you are considering any vaporizer of which will assist you to delight in vaping in which anyone go along with make vaping any discreet expertise, any vaporizer pencil is liable the most effective vape selections for your requirements. Vaporizer pens are slender along with a type of to adjust to as part of your pants pocket, making it all to easy to acquire vaping on your way.


Driven by normal rechargeable battery power, vape pens provide you with the choice to vaporize your favorite dried botanical herb, soy wax or focused natural oils substance every time you want, exactly where you want. Trying to give up smoking cigarettes? A great e-liquid essential oil vape pencil could be the excellent selection, having or without having smoking mix answers for your requirements. Would rather vape lawful healthcare cannabis in expresses of which permit? A dried botanical herb vape pencil allows you to acquire those people savory dried herbal products on the go. Pertaining to waxy natural oils along with focuses, any soy wax vape pencil offers a hassle-free, compact way to vaporize anyplace. Or even obtain a vape pencil all-in-one or 3-in-1 arrangement style, pertaining to vaporizing soy wax, essential oil, along with dried herbal products available for you. Help to make the preferred selection above and begin enjoying scientific developments in vaping.

A vaporizer pen can be comparable to any writing pencil. Most of these vaporizers are cordless, mobile versions along with commonly include things like three parts: any mouthpiece which you bring via, an atomizer or the oven pertaining to heating system substance, and also a normal rechargeable battery pack pertaining to giving electrical power.

Important things about Vaporizer Pen 

There is a variety regarding the reasons why vape pens are well-known currently. Some of the largest features about vape pens include things like:

– Simplicity: Nearly all beneficial vape pens get really straightforward types of which permit perhaps novices to help vape effortlessly. Often, any vape pencil can have merely a solitary option which you drive to help temperature substance.

– Subtle Types : Any pencil vape seems virtually similar for a digital e-cigarette, making it an extremely discreet way to delight in therapeutic cannabis or family cannabis in locations exactly where it is lawful to take action.

– Portability: the greatest good thing about any vape pen is of which it is easy to carry with you anyplace you go. Vape pens fit perfectly in pants pockets, along with the very best vaporizer pencil versions can be employed pertaining to multiple sessions before you have to boost.

Upon having narrowed your choices concerning conduction as opposed to convection vaporizer pens, you’ll be able to look at:

Electric battery Lifestyle: Just how long will you be going to vape away from your home? If you is only going to possibly be enjoying infrequent small sessions, battery pack living is probably not seeing that crucial seeing that it would be to help somebody which will possibly be vaping outside their house by and large.