Temperature Control Vaping Mods

temperature control vaping mods

Temperature control is not a popular commodity in the vaping community. Sure, there’s a demand for it but it wasn’t really that high so manufacturers had no interest in creating products for that low demand. It wasn’t really until about a year ago that these temperature control mods starting popping up in the marketplace and now there is a lot of options available for people who’d like to control the temperature. Not only just the availability of the said mods but then there was the price tags of these mods which wasn’t cheap or easy on the thin wallet.

When you see people buying these mods, you really didn’t have to go far or look very hard to find that you could easily end up spending $200 or more on these control modulators. They have a lot of parts and they’re very complex. The problem with the older $200 mods is that not only did they not work most of the time, they never lived up to their original hype and consumers became very irate at the manufacturers for selling them broken promises. So what options do vapers have today? What options does the enthusiast have for controlling the temperature of their favorite vape?

First, you have the Pioneer IPV4S 120W.

  • The temperature limit centigrade is set at 100 to 300 degrees.
  • The temperature limit in Fahrenheit is set at 212 to 572 degrees.
  • It comes with minimum output wattage for power consumption at just 10w to 120w.
  • The atomizer resistance is set to .10 ohm to 3.0 ohm.
  • 510 threaded.
  • There’s a magnetic back cover which completely replaces the needs for any screws in the setup.
  • The aluminum body is covered in black.
  • The dimensions are a cool 4 and a quarter inches by 2 and a quarter inches.
  • It requires 18650 batteries to use (approximately two of them).
  • Comes with a YiHi SX330-V3C Smart Chip for automation and programming.
  • The display screen is an OLED that’s been flush fitted.
  • There’s a spring loaded contact pin in the atomizer.
  • Is there’s low voltage, you won’t have to worry about your battery, it has protection for it.
  • There’s also low resistance protection as well.
  • If there’s any reverse polarity, no need to worry about a fire, there’s protection for that.
  • It will support overheating protection, so it will shut down when it’s overheating.
  • If you have either titanium or nickel coils, both are supported.

Next, there’s the JoyTech eVic VCT Mini

  • The temperature limit in centigrade is 200 to 600 degrees.
  • The temperature limit in Fahrenheit is 100 to 315 degrees.
  • The output wattage range is pretty drastic but low for power consumption and comes at a cool 1 to 60 watts.
  • The atomizer resistance is set to 0.1 ohm to 3.0 ohm.
  • 510 threaded.
  • There’s dual temperature modes for more than one setup.
  • There’s a VT-Ni nickel 200 support option along with VT-Ti for titanium.
  • It even comes with a USB charging port.